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Here is your 1 search result for Tours, Attractions & Activities in Iwakuni, Japan

Iwakuni One-Day Self-Guided Tour

Iwakuni One-Day Self-Guided Tour - Iwakuni, Japan

Duration: 9 hours
Location: Iwakuni, Japan

From USD

Escape to the quaint town of Iwakuni. You will receive an itinerary complete with maps, route guidance, and photos ... More info ›

Escape to the quaint town of Iwakuni. You will receive an itinerary complete with maps, route guidance, and photos. Receive support and guidance while maintaining flexibility. Explore sites such as Kikko Park, Iwakuni Castle, and White Snake Museum. Round trip transportation to Iwakuni from Hiroshima is included.

Your adventure begins at Hiroshima Station at 8 am. There, you will receive your train pass, guidebooks, and maps with written directions. You will also get a chance to ask any last minute questions. Once you arrive at Iwakuni Station, a short bus ride takes you to Kintai Bridge.

All of our day tours are self-guided. You will have support throughout your trip. If any needs arise, we’ll be a phone call away.

Iwakuni, Japan is an hour by train from Hiroshima. It is home to Kintaikyo, Iwakuni Castle, Kikko Park, the White Snake museum, and many other attractions. 

You will hear the flow of the Nishiki River below your feet as you cross the famous Kintai Bridge. Take a leisurely stroll in Kikko Park and enjoy the greenery and koi ponds. A short ropeway ride takes you to Iwakuni castle.  There are many dining options in the area. Be sure to try a local delicacy- Iwakuni sushi. 

This is the perfect trip if you want time away from the city.

Your tour ends when you arrive back at Hiroshima Station.

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